How to Hire a Nanny, Elder Caregiver, Cleaner or Business Staff in the Toronto area

Top 10 Favorite Nanny / Caregiver Interview Questions

Top 10 Favorite Nanny / Caregiver Interview Questions 

1) Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

2) What do you like best about being a Nanny / Caregiver?

3) What do you find most challenging about the job?

4) What do you like to do in your spare time?

5) Do you have brothers and sisters? Are you married? Do you have a child / children?

6) How many years of experience do you have being a Nanny / Elder Caregiver?

7) Are you trained in CPR and First Aid?

8) Do you have experience cooking and preparing meals?

9) Why did you leave your last job?

10) Have you ever had to deal with an emergency situation while watching children or an elderly person? What was it? How did you handle it?

What questions should I ask when I interview a Nanny?

When interviewing a nanny people often wonder what questions to ask. A list of questions is important, however we think there is much more to the interview then questions and answers. How is your chemistry?  How do you feel around her? Are you relaxed? Are your personalities compatible?  Is she easy to be around? Have your kids around. Does she interact well with the children? Does she have an easy smile? Sit down and talk. Talk about anything – the weather, the price of milk, or your favorite food. When interviewing a Nanny remember that she is interviewing you too!

Stay tuned, we will be posting here on our blog a list of some sample interview questions that you can feel free to use!

Wishing you a Fantastic Weekend!