Hiring Tips

Phone Call
Speak to potential candidates on the phone or video call. Ask them about their previous experience. Tell them about the job expectations and the hours you need.
When you speak to a candidate that you feel has potential, ask them if they are available to meet in person. Click on the link for some interview question ideas. http://www.thenannypages.ca/blog/top-10-favorite-nanny-caregiver-interview-questions/
If you have a good feeling at the end of the interview, ask them if they can give you some references.
Check References
Call or email any references that the candidate has given you.
Families will sometimes check social media accounts or search the web to find out more about the potential candidate.
Background Check
Some candidates will have a background check already done. You can ask them to send you any documentation or certifications that they have.
Background Checks can help employers navigate uncertainty and hire with more confidence.
MyBackroundCheck.com is one of Canada’s leading providers of criminal background checks. You can request from your potential employer to begin the process of receiving a background check by sending them the link to the site.

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