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I was looking for a male caregiver for quite a while. I contacted 3 to 4 agencies and I had very poor results. I received an email about posting my job description on The Nanny Pages.  The day after I posted it I had many phone calls and emails. I had many potential candidates. In fact I hired the one that suited our needs the best, two days after I posted my job.

I am so grateful to The Nanny Pages for helping me find the caregiver we needed.

Chaya Leah Alon

What questions should I ask when I interview a Nanny?

When interviewing a nanny people often wonder what questions to ask. A list of questions is important, however we think there is much more to the interview then questions and answers. How is your chemistry?  How do you feel around her? Are you relaxed? Are your personalities compatible?  Is she easy to be around? Have your kids around. Does she interact well with the children? Does she have an easy smile? Sit down and talk. Talk about anything – the weather, the price of milk, or your favorite food. When interviewing a Nanny remember that she is interviewing you too!

Stay tuned, we will be posting here on our blog a list of some sample interview questions that you can feel free to use!

Wishing you a Fantastic Weekend!

I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny already in Canada. Why is it so difficult to find one? A few years ago I had no problem!

“I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny Already in Canada” . Its a request we hear a few times a day. There are so many families hoping to hire a Nanny already in Canada under the Live in Caregiver Program.

In the last few years it has become very challenging to find a Nanny already here in Canada that needs sponsorship. This is due to newer government regulations and requirements that make it much harder to sponsor nannies from overseas. Any family that sponsors a Nanny has gone through great lengths to bring her to Canada and is usually serious about hiring her.