Activity Ideas for Elder Caregivers and Seniors- Keeping Seniors Stimulated & Happy

One year ago today my grandmother peacefully past away in Toronto. She was 99 years old and fabulous! She cooked and baked for her children and grandchildren almost every day until the day she passed. The highlight of her day was when the kids called to tell her how fantastic her food was. Her face glowed as she told them to enjoy and she then planned with her live in caregiver what she was going to make next day.

I firmly believe that my grandmothers cooking and baking added years to her life. People need to feel accomplished, acknowledged and appreciated.

It is important for caregivers and families to discuss what activities can be done to keep the senior happy and feeling accomplished. What does the senior like to do? What is he good at? What makes her feel happy?

Here are some activities that caregivers can do together with the seniors they are taking care of:

1) Baking & Cooking- Have fun experimenting with food in the kitchen. Try cooking soup for a neighbor or baking cookies for the grandchildren.

2) Games – Card games, Scrabble, Trivia and Bingo are all stimulating and fun to play.

3) Arts & Crafts- Painting, Drawing, Beading, woodworking and Sculpting can be relaxing and entertaining. Make something special for a friend, child, or grandchild.

4) Sewing – If sewing or knitting is something they know how to do try making blankets, hats or scarves for a loved one.

5) Dancing- Blast the music and sing & dance to his or her favorite oldies.

6) Talk about the past- Ask about childhood experiences, how he or she met their spouse, first job, best vacations….

7) Watch old movies- Watch old movies together and act and sing along.

8) Walks – Air is good for the mind and body. Try and get out every day. You can stop and pick flowers to give to a friend or to put on the dining room table.

9) Shopping- Going to the mall or grocery store can be a nice outing.

10) Look at old photo Albums- Ask questions about the pictures. Every photo has a story and you can ask about them all.

11) Spa Day- A manicure, pedicure or new hairdo is a great way to spend the day.

12) Massage- A nice warm bath followed by a back rub is therapeutic and relaxing

Should I Hire A Live In Nanny? Pros & Cons

Live-In Nanny Versus Live-Out Nanny

Many Moms love having their Nanny living at home with them and their family.

Others feel a lot more comfortable when their Nannies live out.

Here is what a few of our mom’s had to say.

Pro Live-In NANNY

“Our Live in nanny costs us much less  and I get more hours.”

“I love having  someone that is almost always available for evening babysitting.”

“Its great to have someone that is there and ready to help first thing in the morning.”

“I like having  someone in the house in case of a night time emergency.”

“Its easier to leave the children and go on vacation with my Hubby.”

“My nanny is so  flexible with my work schedule.”

” It’s great that there is no commute. Our nanny never misses work because of bad weather.”

“Having her live with us really makes her part of the family.”

Pro Live-Out Nanny

“I like my privacy.”

“I wouldnt want to have to be worrying about having food around that she likes.”

” I am not used to walking around appropriately dressed all the time.”

“Another person in the house means more utilities, more food.”

“We do not want to lose our guest bedroom and bathroom”


Live in Nanny? Live Out Nanny? Its a personal choice. Nothing is ever perfect. Know your families needs, budget and personality and  make the best decision possible.