Is My Nanny Off on Family Day coming up on Feb 19?


Ontario has nine public holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Family Day
  3. Good Friday
  4. Victoria Day
  5. Canada Day
  6. Labour Day
  7. Thanksgiving Day
  8. Christmas Day
  9. Boxing Day (December 26)

Most employees who qualify are entitled to take these days off work and be paid public holiday pay. Click here for more info

12 Best Brain Stimulating Activities for Seniors & Caregivers to do.

Here are some great brain stimulating activities for seniors & caregivers to do together:

a) Word Games like Crossword Puzzles

b) Gardening

c) Board Games like Chess, Checkers, Puzzles or Card Games

d) Social Stimulation: Get together with friends, family, grandchildren

e) Cooking & Baking- Follow a recipe together

f) Exercise – Swimming, Biking, Walking

g) Reading- Newspapers, Novels, Magazines