Is your room STILL A MESS???!!!

Do you sometimes find yourself asking your kids questions even though you know the answer?

* Did you just throw your coat on the floor?

* Is your room still a mess?

* Did you leave your math homework at school again?

Asking kids questions that you both know the answer to is not an effective way of teaching them. It shames children and  does not help with a positive outcome. I sometimes wonder how I would feel if my spouse came home and said:

* Is the laundry still on the floor unfolded?

* Are we having chicken and potatoes for supper again?

* Are you wearing socks with a hole?

Parenting children is the hardest job in the world. There are no easy answers or formulas to find the perfect thing to say all of the time. Try to keep in mind that shaming is destructive to children. If you think that what you are about to say may shame your child, I believe you are better off saying nothing at all.

Happy Tuesday!