Is My Nanny Off on Family Day coming up on Feb 19?


Ontario has nine public holidays:

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Family Day
  3. Good Friday
  4. Victoria Day
  5. Canada Day
  6. Labour Day
  7. Thanksgiving Day
  8. Christmas Day
  9. Boxing Day (December 26)

Most employees who qualify are entitled to take these days off work and be paid public holiday pay. Click here for more info

How Do I Find the Right Nanny?

How do I find the right nanny for my family?

Its a common question.  What does the right nanny mean to you?

For some it means that the floors will sparkle, for others it means someone who is happy and fantastic with the children. Some may want a nanny who is very organized and others need a nanny who is a wonderful cook. It is important to be realistic that when searching for a nanny. It is unlikely to find someone who is excellent at everything.

Finding the right nanny for your family means defining what is important to you and looking for a nanny with those qualities.

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New Nanny Jitters

Our new nanny is starting tomorrow and while I should be so happy and excited, I feel like a nervous wreck. I have been cleaning and organizing my house for the last week in honor of my new nannies arrival. I am not sure why I am cleaning non stop, isn’t that supposed to be her job?

How do I go about settling our new nanny into a routine? Should she follow a daily schedule or should I let her do her own thing?  Am I the only one that gets the new nanny jitters?


Hi Elizabeth,

It is completely normal to feel anxious about the arrival of your new nanny. Having a new person  in your home and caring for your children is new and can be very overwhelming. It is a change for both you and your family.

Your  cleaning and organizing all week does not make you crazy- it makes you smart. Its a great idea because you want to show your new nanny how you would ideally like your closets and cupboards to look. If you left everything disorganized and messy she may think that you are comfortable with your home looking that way.

After your nanny settles in, you may want to show her around your home. I always like to take some time to sit together with our new nanny and my baby and play all together. I like her to see how I interact with my baby and hope she will learn and do the same.

In regards to cleaning, training and scheduling, I think that depends a lot on your personal style. I know some people that like to go from room to room showing their nanny exactly how they would like everything cleaned, organized and put away. They will specify which cleansers to use and which cloths to clean with. Others are more laid back. They may give general instructions and allow the nanny to learn and figure  things out on her own.

I think a general schedule is always a good idea. You may want to include chores that you would like accomplished daily, weekly and monthly.

Wishing you best of luck with your new nanny tomorrow!

Fun And Educational Activities For Your Nanny and Baby To Do Together

While its much easier to plop the baby in front of the TV and let your nanny clean, consider some of these activities for your nanny and baby to do together.

1) Walk to your nearest Library & Read Books Together- It is never too early to expose your baby to books. The earlier the better.

2) Go for Walks- It is healthy to go out and get fresh air every day.

3) Talk- Babies love information. Whether your nanny is around the house or out and about encourage her to talk to your baby. Let her point out everything around her; trees,  the sky, bees, flowers, laundry basket etc. Babies love to learn new things.

4) Visit your nearest Ontario Early Years Centre, they offer wonderful education programs for children up to the age of six. It is free. Click here to find a centre near you.

5) Sing Songs – Babies love music. Purchase some instruments or make your own (Pots and spoons can work). Turn on the music and let your nanny and child dance and sing together.

6) Outdoor Water Play- Babies love to play with water. Let your baby pour water from one cup to another, water the plants or squirt with a spray bottles. (You can purchase spray bottles at the dollar store!)

7) Count out loud-  Count blocks together as you build them, count cheerios together as he eats them or count how many stairs there are as you go up.

Should I Hire A Live In Nanny? Pros & Cons

Live-In Nanny Versus Live-Out Nanny

Many Moms love having their Nanny living at home with them and their family.

Others feel a lot more comfortable when their Nannies live out.

Here is what a few of our mom’s had to say.

Pro Live-In NANNY

“Our Live in nanny costs us much less  and I get more hours.”

“I love having  someone that is almost always available for evening babysitting.”

“Its great to have someone that is there and ready to help first thing in the morning.”

“I like having  someone in the house in case of a night time emergency.”

“Its easier to leave the children and go on vacation with my Hubby.”

“My nanny is so  flexible with my work schedule.”

” It’s great that there is no commute. Our nanny never misses work because of bad weather.”

“Having her live with us really makes her part of the family.”

Pro Live-Out Nanny

“I like my privacy.”

“I wouldnt want to have to be worrying about having food around that she likes.”

” I am not used to walking around appropriately dressed all the time.”

“Another person in the house means more utilities, more food.”

“We do not want to lose our guest bedroom and bathroom”


Live in Nanny? Live Out Nanny? Its a personal choice. Nothing is ever perfect. Know your families needs, budget and personality and  make the best decision possible.  

How to Get the Most Out of your Cleaning Help

Cleaners and Nannies are not mind readers. While you may feel that dusting the blinds is critical, she may think that folding the laundry perfectly is essential. It is important to communicate with your Nanny or Cleaning Help. I find making a list with numbered tasks in order of what is most important to you is a good idea. To get the most out of your Cleaning Help, make sure to communicate what your priorities are.

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