New Nanny Jitters

Our new nanny is starting tomorrow and while I should be so happy and excited, I feel like a nervous wreck. I have been cleaning and organizing my house for the last week in honor of my new nannies arrival. I am not sure why I am cleaning non stop, isn’t that supposed to be her job?

How do I go about settling our new nanny into a routine? Should she follow a daily schedule or should I let her do her own thing?  Am I the only one that gets the new nanny jitters?


Hi Elizabeth,

It is completely normal to feel anxious about the arrival of your new nanny. Having a new person  in your home and caring for your children is new and can be very overwhelming. It is a change for both you and your family.

Your  cleaning and organizing all week does not make you crazy- it makes you smart. Its a great idea because you want to show your new nanny how you would ideally like your closets and cupboards to look. If you left everything disorganized and messy she may think that you are comfortable with your home looking that way.

After your nanny settles in, you may want to show her around your home. I always like to take some time to sit together with our new nanny and my baby and play all together. I like her to see how I interact with my baby and hope she will learn and do the same.

In regards to cleaning, training and scheduling, I think that depends a lot on your personal style. I know some people that like to go from room to room showing their nanny exactly how they would like everything cleaned, organized and put away. They will specify which cleansers to use and which cloths to clean with. Others are more laid back. They may give general instructions and allow the nanny to learn and figure  things out on her own.

I think a general schedule is always a good idea. You may want to include chores that you would like accomplished daily, weekly and monthly.

Wishing you best of luck with your new nanny tomorrow!

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