I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny already in Canada. Why is it so difficult to find one? A few years ago I had no problem!

“I am looking to Sponsor a Nanny Already in Canada” . Its a request we hear a few times a day. There are so many families hoping to hire a Nanny already in Canada under the Live in Caregiver Program.

In the last few years it has become very challenging to find a Nanny already here in Canada that needs sponsorship. This is due to newer government regulations and requirements that make it much harder to sponsor nannies from overseas. Any family that sponsors a Nanny has gone through great lengths to bring her to Canada and is usually serious about hiring her.

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Dear Nanny Pages

I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful job your company has done in allowing individual employers to seek and find highly qualified Live-in CareGivers. I was searching and placing notices for live-in caregivers through various media and was not successful until someone told me about Nanny Pages.

When I visited your site I was impressed. It was easy to register and follow. Caregivers were listed by area and profession with a host of qualified candidates. I immediately contacted some of the candidates in my area and found that everyone I spoke to and interviewed very credible and worthy of hiring. It was a difficult decision but I was able to pick two people to cover the 7 day live-in position. They are doing an excellent job looking after my elderly mother.

I highly recommend your services to other individuals who are seeking good, reliable home health caregivers. I am now able to go overseas realizing that I have 2 dedicated and professional caregivers who will take good care of my mother while I am away.

Erwin E. Sniedzins

New Fee for Labour Market Opinion Processing (LMO)

Effective July 31, 2013, employers applying to hire TFWs must pay a processing fee of $275 for each position requested to cover the cost of a Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

This ensures that the cost to process employer LMO applications is no longer paid for by Canadian taxpayers.  In 2012, 60 percent of positive LMOs did not lead to a work permit being issued to a temporary foreign worker.  This means that Canadian taxpayers’ dollars were being spent to process applications that were never used, rather could have been used on useful initiatives.  With the implementation of a fee, employers will be less likely to apply for TFW positions they may not fill, helping ensure taxpayer resources are not wasted.