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Wilma has been caring for Fay for the last 3 years. She does the night shift as well as the weekend shift. Wilma loves Fay and they have become good friends. Wilma is part of the family. Another successful match made by! At TheNannyPages, we know how important it is to find the perfect senior caregiver that will take the best care of your loved ones. It is not just about hiring the help you need. It’s about finding a caregiver that will give you absolute peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are getting the best care possible. Care does not only refer to taking care of physical needs. A good caregiver takes care of the seniors emotional well being and makes the senior feel loved and cared for. They are your loved ones new companion and friend. Thank you Wilma!

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My good-friend Anna was 9 months pregnant and about to move houses.  To say the least, she was going to need some assistant in the coming months with house cleaning.  I had a great opportunity come up through my blog and I thought she might be interested in reviewing it on my behalf. is a one-stop-online-shop for help in the GTA whether you’re looking for a nanny, elderly care or a house cleaner.  Here’s her review:


As a mommy-to-be I am looking for help wherever I can, so when the opportunity came up to review, I jumped at the opportunity.  I am a month away from mat leave (if this baby comes on time) and desperately need a cleaner because we just moved in to a bigger house. At 8.5 months pregnant, my mobility is limited and I need a nap after walking up a flight of stairs. is a service for families looking for Nannies, Elder Caregivers, and Cleaners in the Toronto area. It also helps caregivers, nannies and house cleaners find work. It’s a win-win service!

I signed up for the service and filled out my job ad information which took me about 5 minutes.  Once signed up, I was able to contact any potential cleaners on the site as well as be contacted by interested cleaners who saw my job ad. I am only looking for service once or twice a month, and I received 25 applicants within six hours. This is great!  You have the option of receiving the applications via text or e-mail. My one recommendation is to ask people to send their applications via e-mail. I clicked on both e-mail and text as an option, and all of the people looking for work, sent me messages via text. I love text messaging as much as the next girl, but when you receive 22 messages from phone numbers you don’t know, it becomes really hard to track. I am still going through the people who sent me messages!

That said, I have been looking for a good cleaner for a couple of years and have only ever used other corporate services that charge an arm and a leg and  pay their cleaners an hourly wage. I like that I was able to go straight to the source for just $19. Soon I am going to have a house cleaner that I can work with and pay directly. No more strangers coming in to clean my home when I am desperate for a break. Relationships are important and if you find a good cleaner, you’ll never let her go which is why I am excited to have somebody to connect with. When the time comes for me to go back to work, I will definitely look at as an option for child care services as well.

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I’ve used The Nanny Pages a few times and have had SUCH a great experience.

I’ve posted jobs of all different types (temporary, long term, part time…) and have had quality nannies apply for the job each time.

It’s also so well run, such great customer service!!

I’ve recommended The Nanny Pages to all my friends!!!

I also love their great info posted on their blog!!

D.S., Toronto / Lawrence & Bathurst Area

Top Toronto Caregiver Agency Without the Fees!

I was looking for a male caregiver for quite a while. I contacted 3 to 4 agencies and I had very poor results. I received an email about posting my job description on The Nanny Pages.  The day after I posted it I had many phone calls and emails. I had many potential candidates. In fact I hired the one that suited our needs the best, two days after I posted my job.

I am so grateful to The Nanny Pages for helping me find the caregiver we needed.

Chaya Leah Alon